Distance Running
2013 Edition 1

Published January 2013


The start of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon on 21 October. See race feature in this issue. Photo by Karel Delvoye.


Takes your breath away

Takes your breath away

Turin Marathon, Sun 18 November 2012

By Alessandra Ramella Pairin
In Turin, the capital of Piedmont province, you are sure to be entranced by the unspoilt mountain landscapes surrounding picturesque towns, aristocratic royal residences and futuristic architecture.

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Why did the runner cross the harbour? To run back to the other side…

Why did the runner cross the harbour? To run back to the other side…

adidas Auckland Marathon, Sun 28 October 2012

By Scott Newman
Thousands of runners serpentine their way across the picturesque Auckland City landscape: running over the iconic Harbour Bridge; passing through the central business district and the wealthy waterfront suburbs, spectacular harbour views open up. It is an experience, not just a run. The race is undoubtedly New Zealand’s premier road running event.

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An Olympic moment available to all

An Olympic moment available to all

TCS Amsterdam Marathon, Sun 21 October 2012

By Laurie Villareal
No less than 38,000 runners took to the streets of Amsterdam for the 37th edition of the Marathon and Half Marathon. That was 5000 more than the previous year, with 13,000 of them in the Marathon and and 15,000 coming from 82 countries other than the Netherlands. The race attracts elite and mass marathon runners alike because the course is flat and fast. On the basis of the fastest 10 times recorded it ranks eighth fastest in the world. It also combines both an urban and a rural experience. For those who enjoy a bit of culture and discovery, the TCS Amsterdam Marathon offers a nice dose of history and architecture.

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A personal best marathon

A personal best marathon

Maratón Donostia - San Sebastián, Sun 25 November 2012

By Fly Group
San Sebastian is a beautiful tourist destination on the Atlantic coast of the Basque Country. Capital of Guipuzcoa, it offers a wide range of activities throughout the year, attracting thousands of visitors. Walking around the beautiful streets of the town, past historic buildings and sparkling beaches visitors cannot fail to be impressed.

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Modern day marathon messengers

By Malcolm Anderson
Some people collect marathons like others do stamps. Malcolm Anderson thinks he knows why.


Breaking barriers

By Tim Hutchings
Can the two-hour barrier in the Marathon be broken within our lifetime? It might happen next week…

Running into history

A well orchestrated event

By Andreas Maier
Come spring Vienna is the perfect place for a runner to be. Particularly this spring. The Vienna City Marathon celebrates its 30th anniversary on 14 April 2013 and will inspire an expected field of 40,000 runners from about 110 nations. No less a man than running legend Haile Gebrselassie, who ran the race in 2011 and 2012, says: “Don’t miss this chance! The course is fast. The wonderful public buildings are a delight. I am sure that I’ll go back to Vienna one day”.

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Marathon movers

Jackie Mekler

By Aubrey Human
Five-time Comrades Marathon winner and for six decades an avid exponent of the distance running cause in South Africa

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