Distance Running
2014 Edition 2

Published April 2014


New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi International Marathon, Chinese Taipei, 2 March 2014.


A blend of authenticity and modernity

A blend of authenticity and modernity

Marathon International de Marrakech, Sun 26 January 2014

By Youssef Outmane
Marrakech is an oasis in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains; an imperial city surrounded by beautiful palm groves and ochre walls. Every year it plays host to the Marrakech International Marathon. Red Marrakech, also known as the Pearl of the South, which once gave its name to Morocco, still retains its capacity to amaze in a blend of authenticity and modernity which make the ideal combination for a long weekend running competition.

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Old into new

Old into new

São Silvestre de Luanda 10k, Tue 31 December 2013

By Norrie Williamson
Angola’s capital city Luanda has hosted this “Sao Silvestre” New Year’s Eve race since 1954, with only two years – 1961 and 1978 – forfeiting the race date. It is a heroic record, given that the country was engulfed by a war of liberation from 1954 until 1974, and thereafter by a civil war backed by foreign regimes which lasted until 2002.

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A long-running romance

A long-running romance

Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon, Sun 16 February 2014

The Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon is a race that might be expected to take place in a certain city on a certain day: the nearest Sunday to St Valentine’s Day and in the city in which Shakespeare placed the hero and heroine of his famous drama – Verona.

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La fiesta lagunera

La fiesta lagunera

Maratón Internacional Lala, Sun 2 March 2014

By Alan Brookes
More than just a race, “La Fiesta Lagunera” originated as a gift from a massive dairy conglomerate to the community of “La Comarca Lagunera” that it calls home.

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Running into history

One man’s dream

On 10 August 1963 nineteen men lined up at Glenmore Stadium to run the first Calgary Marathon – the first city marathon ever to be run in Western Canada.

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AIMS World Record Award

World Record Award for Kipsang

Wilson Kipsang receives award after record-breaking Berlin run

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