Distance Running
2018 Edition 1

Published January 2018


Thessaloniki Night Half Marathon, Greece


Under the Kremlin walls

Under the Kremlin walls

Promsvyazbank Moscow Marathon, Sun 24 September 2017

It’s the best way to get to know Moscow and fall in love with it, even if you think you already know the city

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A runner’s island haunt

A runner’s island haunt

Rottnest Running Festival, Sun 22 October 2017

Views that will stay in the memory for a lifetime

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A race day holiday

A race day holiday

Volkswagen Ljubljana Marathon, Sun 29 October 2017

By Pika Šarf
Life in the capital is put on hold for the day

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From the street

By Hugh Jones
Lebanese PM resigns in Riyadh: Beirut replies with runners’ voices

Marathon movers

Brookes the builder

By Alan Brookes
15 years ago running was a sport for eccentrics and oddballs. Alan Brookes was one of them…

Children’s Series

AIMS Children’s Series

Impressive times in Khanivali

Marathon greats

Rosa Mota

Multiple winner in formative years of women’s marathon

Also in this issue …

Race previews: Logicom Cyprus Marathon; PZU Warsaw Half Marathon; Crete Marathon; Gifu Half Marathon; Seoul Marathon

News from AIMS, WMRA and IAU; Race dates; Race contact details.